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Small Business Internet Marketing

Tumile Media is asking for your help.

We are brainstorming new ideas for an advertising system specifically designed for small to medium businesses. What we need to understand is what the general public thinks about the current advertising methods and what methods of advertising would be acceptable in the future.

Our basic plan is to use a single web page to advertise the company, product, or service. The title will be at the top of the page. Next will be a description of what is being advertised. There will be a button where consumers can link the page to their interests. Below that will be where customers can post reviews of the company, product or service.

In order to leave a review, the consumer will need a code from the advertiser verifying that they are indeed a customer. All verified customer reviews will be reviewed then posted to the appropriate web page.

Please take a few minutes to answer the questions on the survey form below and help us build a system that will bring businesses and the public together. Thank you in advance for your assistance and support.

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