A network of honest business reviews.
Going the extra mile to bring you the most accurate reviews possible.
Tumile Media is building a network of review websites. Our technicians will constantly monitor the reviews posted by visitors to the various companies and websites we have listed.

Our goal is to eliminate those posts that are unfounded. If you wish to post a review for one of the represented companies, we will review it before it is posted to the appropriate web page.

Obviously positive reviews are posted quickly. Negative reviews will be researched by a representative and we will contact the company to see if the issue is valid. Please try to resolve the issue with the company before posting your negative review. If they do not satisfy your request we will contact the company on your behalf and attempt to resolve the issue ourselves.

If the problem is unresolvable then of course we will post your negative review for other visitors to read.

Service is scheduled to begin in April 2023. If you have comments or questions, feel free to email us at tungetmike6@gmail.com
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